8 Important Presentation Design Trends of 2021

For a good presentation, you should know the most important presentation trends of the year.
A good presentation should give your information and ideas in the most understandable way possible. For this, you need to use a professional PowerPoint template or presentation design.

When designing your presentation, pay attention to graphic design trends to get a more modern look. We have compiled 2021's graphic design trends for you and listed our suggestions on how to use them.

Everything you need to know about using neon, minimalist designs, pastel colors, geometric shapes, and more in presentation design is here!

1. Dark Backgrounds and Neon

Since it offers a plain appearance, the white background has been used in graphic designs for a long time. But the rise of dark mode has started again. The dark mode is seen as more creative in terms of using contrast, and the rate of being preferred is increasing.

The most interesting designs with dark backgrounds are made in neon colors. Since the retro is also in our lives in every field, neons that evoke the 80s are highly preferred.

Of course, you should be careful when using neon and dark backgrounds. If used incorrectly, they can only become image blurry. Also, there may not be a suitable design type for your target audience and presentation subject.

Check out others to see the best design trends you can use.

2. Geometrical Shapes

Geometric patterns, 3D shapes, and asymmetrical layouts are simple yet stunning. It allows the information you provide to have a higher impact.


3. Minimalism

This design and lifestyle advice has been around for many years. A minimal presentation design will always be up to date. Minimalism is the best way to show information clearly.

There are many ways to apply minimalism in designs. Minimal styles like Neumorphism are beautiful approaches to 3d looks and are hugely popular.

4. Single Pastels

Monochrome color schemes are highly preferred in recent years. A stylish look can be achieved with a very sad house with different shades of a single color.

As we said before, a maximum of 3-5 different colors should be used in a presentation design. For a better understandable presentation, it is good to choose these colors from similar hues.

5. Simple Data Visualization

This year, simple designs that make even the most complex information understandable are at the forefront in data visualization. With clean graphics and clear information, you can bring people closer to the presentation.

6. Classic Serifs

Serif fonts are becoming widespread in typography. These old-fashioned fonts provide a very nice appearance when modernized.

7. Social Media Slideshows

It is getting more and more popular to create slideshows for social media. You can enable more people to access your presentation with designs that will make the entire presentation read by sliding.

8. Scribbles

Adding a human touch to the presentation can increase the energy during the presentation. You can use hand drawn illustrations to add dynamism to the presentation and create an interesting look.