Effect of SlideShare on B2B Marketing

Slideshare is a platform that allows the presentations to be shared online. Sharing presentations online has also created a new space for everyone to market their knowledge.

Slideshare marketing has become an important marketing method, especially for companies selling B2B. LinkedIn is taking very important steps for marketing. You can visit LinkedIn Business page and see that they provide many tips and tools to assist their users in this area. Linkedin Slideshare, which merged in 2018 and became a new medium in the field of marketing, is an increasingly popular area where many companies market their products and information.


What is SlideShare?

Linkedin SlideShare is a platform where you can share your product and promotional presentations. You can upload presentations in pdf, ppt, keynote, or OpenDocument forms. Its first purpose was to create an environment where employees can share their slides. However, with the added commenting and liking features, it started to attract a lot of visitors and became a medium where B2B companies can provide information about their products and systems. In the future, SlideShare should not be overlooked as a marketing platform with over 80 million visitors.

According to the statistics presented in 2018, visits made by users engaged in B2B marketing seem 50% higher than many channels.

The Importance of SlideShare Marketing

  1. Offers a new marketing space.
  2. It allows you to reach new audiences.
  3. It makes you the information center on the subject.
  4. It allows you to rise in searches.
  5. You know your potential customers.
  6. You can easily update your information.
  7. You can analyze the impact of your presentation.

How to Use SlideShare as a B2B Marketing Tool?

1. Choose impressive topics!

Current and important issues that attract the attention of the readers will always increase the traffic to you.

2. Take care to use the correct hashtag!

Carefully choose the keywords you use to make your presentations easier for researchers and those interested.

3. Make impressive presentations and content!

In order to draw attention to a medium where there are many slides related to a subject, you should convey the subject well and create a visually attentive presentation.

4. Test your presentation with its different versions!

You can install different versions at once to understand which presentation is liked and read more.


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