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Free Powerpoint Backgrounds

Free powerpoint backgrounds that you can download and use are here!
Powerpoint backgrounds are one of the most important design rules to be considered while designing a presentation. Backgrounds can bring out the text and visual. Of course, when the right background is chosen.

Preparing presentations requires a high level of competence. The presentation should be simple but elegant. It should not be ordinary but also appealing to the eye. It should be interesting but not distracting ...

There are many more but for the presentation designer. Products should be well presented in sales presentations, key sentences should be summarized in investment presentations, and many more. For details, you can read our article about designing a PowerPoint presentation.

A presentation agency pays attention to many factors to have a more beautiful and useful presentation. The background is one of them. As a professional presentation agency, we have compiled some suggestions for the background selection, which is an important stage of the presentation.

Stunning Presentation Background Options

Making the right and aesthetic choices about graphics, fonts, colors, and text increase audience participation and makes your presentation look more professional. A strong slide background provides a foundation for your presentation and helps maintain visual consistency. But background generation can be reasonably hard.

If you want to create a minimalist look but want your presentation to be visually noticeable, or if you need a design that can be scaled on various devices, you should use light and solid background.

You can get ideas by viewing beautiful and useful background images that will help you choose stunning slide backgrounds to enhance a presentation.

Macarone Background

1. Pink Macarone Background

Fun pink background. You can download this and similar ppt backgrounds from Unsplash.

2. Pastel Background

Background in pastel tones. You can download this and similar ppt backgrounds from Freepik.

Pastel Background
Blue Background

3. Blue Background

Blue is a positive color. Using a blue background in presentations can add a different atmosphere. You can check out other blue backgrounds from Freepik.

4. Social Background

Very useful for marketing presentations. Social backgrounds can work quite well when they go well with your subject. You can check out other social backgrounds from Freepik.

Social Background
White Background

5. White Background

The white background is always the most used. It is simple but not empty. It shows both the text and does not bore the audience. Check out Unsplash for more different white backgrounds.

6. Purple Background

Gradient backgrounds are highly preferred. Purple color adds a different atmosphere to presentations. Check out Freepik for other purple backgrounds.

purple background
pink color background

7. Pink Color Background

Pink is fun. You can also add fun to your presentation by using the pink background. To download this and the like, visit Wallpaper Flare.

8. Yellow Watercolor Background

Yellow draws attention. By using yellow backgrounds, you can make the audience more interested in the presentation. See Freepik for more.

green wall background

9. Green Wall Background

A different background. Although it is difficult to use, it can be very nice when used in the right place. Take advantage of Freepik for more.

Bonus: We want to share our original and free background design.

We have prepared special free powerpoint backgrounds for you. You can use the backgrounds below by downloading them directly. To download, right click for Save As.

10. Cactus Background

White and colorful cactus. It is a modern and cool background. Download now!

cactus background
colorful pencil backgorund

11. Colorful Pencil Backgorund

You can have a better slide thanks to a pencil holder filled with colored pencils placed on the side. Download now.

12. Flower Background

Colors of flower are very beautiful. It will add a different atmosphere to your presentation. Download now!

Flower Background
Geometric Background

13. Geometric Background

This geometric shape and dark colors can be very cool with light and bold fonts. Please try!

14. Gray Background

Ideal for those looking for a plain background. Download it now!

Gray Background
Macaron Background

15. Macaron Background

Macarons are loved by everyone. White and colorful macarons are very understandable in a presentation. Download it now!

16. Pink Background

Ideal for a plain look. You can always use it. Try now!

Pink Background
Pink and Green Gradient

17. Pink and Green Gradient

We said that the gradient is preferred. You can strengthen the presentation with the energizing image of pink and green.

18. Plant Background

The calming aura of white and green. You can add difference to your presentation by using this background. Try!

plant background
watercolor background

19. Watercolor Background

Ideal colors for a simple presentation design. Download to spice up your presentation!



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