How Corona Affected E-Commerce?

Due to the corana virus spreading from China to the whole world, anyone except people have compulsory job stay their homes. If necessary, people don't go out from homes. While some of them are in despair, some of them look positively against this situation.

While the reason for negative thoughts is the uncertain future, the reason for positive thoughts is the belief that the world will be a better place.

Objectively, we think that this process will change most habits. The most important of these is the consumption habit. All pessimistic or optimistic people continue to consume to continue their lives, and their mood affects their consumption habits. While some people continue to make pasta stocks with a fear of famine, a group turns to games and books for self-improvement and enjoyment at home.

All of these consumption types all come together in one common point: Online Shopping!

In the quarantine period, people who wanted to protect themselves and their living standards started to shop on e-commerce sites, and this will affect the economic order as well as habits in the long run.

E-Commerce In Corona Days

  • The most remarkable growth in e-commerce shopping was in the market and food products with 32%.
  • The number of orders delivered by Migros Virtual Market of Turkey to the houses has tripled since the quarantine process. So far, 3200 people have been recruited.
  • The download rate has increased by 60% since the first day of the case detection of Getir Turkey. Basket amount increased by 50%, business volume increased by 65%.
  • "İste Gelsin" application sales of brands from the first cases in Turkey increased by 80%. 100 people were hired due to this increase. Basket amount increased by 25%, and the number of products in the basket increased by 100%.
  • The world's e-commerce giant Amazon has added a total of 100,000 new staff to meet the increasing demand due to the corona virus.
  • Operating in the clothing industry in Turkey, Kiğılı started selling food products from its site in order to keep up with the situation and create jobs for its employees.
  • Since nobody wants to touch money anymore, card payment system is used and this is thought to be the breaking point of the development of virtual money.
  • As the gardening season started, the demand for garden products also increased noticeably due to the increase in the number of people in the house. This showed that e-commerce is not limited to the food sector. Due to the inability to be confident about sharing information given by the source of the virus and e-commerce sites in decreased demand for products sent from China, demand has increased by 5 times for items shipped from Turkey.

The Future of E-commerce After Coronavirus

  • Experts think that these indicators and companies will maintain their necessity in the long term, in order to save the day.
  • Because of working from home and online interviews, companies have become more important to invest in technology.
  • Shopping graphs have been an indication that firms should reorganize their online shopping strategies and company organizations.


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