How is Social Media Managed?

People are waiting to connect with businesses using social channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or TikTok. Social media occupies an important place for businesses due to the brand's authenticity and reliability. Therefore, you can find your potential customers by creating a correct social media strategy and keep your current customers informed about your brand.
Companies can be forgotten, lose their customers to their competitors, or kidnap new customers if they aren't active in digital. According to research, more than 40% of digital shoppers use social media to research new brands and products.
We have listed the key actions you need to take to manage your social media and the behaviors you need to pay attention to.

Social Media Management

1.  Social Listening

You need to keep track of what your customers and competitors are talking about, searched words related to the topic, and current news about your business. Topics you should check every day for the right social media content:

Brand suggestions on different pages

Product recommendations on different pages

Hashtags or keywords related to the subject


Industry news and developments

2. Trend Tracking

If you can not catch the trend, your business will soon become old and you will be left behind according to your competitors. It is important to adapt to the trends in your business. Detecting the trend of your industry can help you discover new niche areas and your social media content.

3. Creating Social Media Content

Content is one of the most important factors in understanding your business. To become more valuable in your industry, you should share fun, valuable and up-to-date content. To this end, create periodic content according to the developments you follow. Then arrange engaging and memorable visuals to suit the content. It is important that your images are compatible with your content and brand strategy and create harmony on your social media page.

4. Regular Sharing

For this, you need to set yourself a social media calendar. You should share the content and images in accordance with this calendar. Different social media management tools can be used for those with multiple pages.

5. Analysis

Like content, constantly follow the display graphic. You can create a more efficient social media process by analyzing the most interesting times of posts and the most popular type of visual and content.

6. Participation

If you are sharing to communicate with your customers, you should contact them. Responding to sharing comments and connecting with the other person makes your brand stronger.

What You Need To Consider in Social Media Management

1.  Quality

Your content should be on the same line and be valuable to your customers. Content that is irregular, unpleasant and does not provide quality information will disappear with a hand gesture in crowded social media environment. From colors to images, from content to the language used, all must be consistent but also quality. Let your followers retweet your posts.

2. Data Analysis

The value provided by the shares and the values ​​it misses can be revealed through analysis. It is important to know your followers well to do data analysis.

3. Order

With regular sharing, regular social media page and regular content, you always remind yourself in the same way.

4. Being Real

Even if you manage a company page, those who will access it are real people. Communicating with them like a real person allows them to belong to your brand. Comment, joke and listen to them.


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