How to Avoid 7 Presentation Mistakes?

The most common presentation mistakes are in this article!
In addition to being embarrassing, an unsuccessful presentation can undermine your message and damage the brand value of your business.
So what are the mistakes that cause your business presentation to fail?

Presentation Mistakes And Preventions

We have listed the most common mistakes when preparing a presentation and how you can prevent them. You can make a better presentation by using the presentation tips below.

1. Bad Body Language

During the presentation, you don't just speak with your words. There is one more way to communicate with your audience even before they know it.

According to one study, what you say with your body language is as important as the words you speak. A hard and tense stance shows that you are not sure what you are saying. If you are afraid to make eye contact with them, this makes think you are not reliable.

To avoid this, smile during your conversation and make eye contact with the audience. When you smile, you release hormones that help you relax. Eye contact makes you perceived as more reliable.

Hint: If the idea of ​​looking at the audience bothers you, choose 3 separate points on the wall behind your audience and look at these points while you speak.

2. Wrong Message

If you don't believe or care about what you're talking about, you can be sure that your audience will think this presentation doesn't matter. When it comes to reliability, sincerity and faith are important. Be sure about the accuracy and importance of your information.

So, carefully review your presentation and ask: Do I really care about this? If your answer is no, it is time to change your message.

3. Poor Design

A poor presentation design is as distracting as a bad narrator. If you didn't design the presentation correctly, the audience will focus on how messy the presentation looks and won't even hear what you have to say.

To have a beautiful presentation design, you can use different templates or work with professional presentation agencies such as Dijital Ninja, which will save you a huge burden on both design and content.

4. Insufficient Use of Images

People are more likely to remember information with a graphic or photo. After a while, only 10% of what is written remains in mind, but when the content is supported by a visual, this rate increases to 65%.

5. Using Too Much Text

The fewer words you use in presentations, the better. Viewers will not want to read long texts either remotely. You have to explain the subject yourself and add the main message to the presentation with a few sentences.

The number of words in a presentation should be under 25. If you have used more than 25 words, rearrange this over and over again.

6. Lack of Subject Integrity

Subject integrity is to explain everything that is meant to be explained in the correct order. This allows the audience to stay with the presentation and follow the presentation more easily.

Read your content as if you were telling a story to ensure topic integrity in the presentation. When you read, you will have the impression that you can make the necessary adjustments.

7. Technical Problems

In case your equipment fails, you cannot make your presentation or give the desired effect.

The best method to prevent this; go to presentation place the day before your presentation. Connect your laptop to the presentation system. Pay attention to anything that doesn't work. Back up equipment. Also, test all the equipment you will use in your conversation.


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