How To Make A Powerpoint Presentation

Powerpoint presentation is one of the most used presentation formats. Conferences, data visualization, sales and promotional meetings, training, and many more collective speeches become lively with the presentation.

Do you want an investor to support your project or the purchase of your product by your customers? Or do you have a purpose for your students to fully understand your lessons?

All these needs and more can be met with a nice PowerPoint presentation. Of course, a good narrator is a must. But, it is already you.

In this article, we have listed you the basic information about how to make a great PowerPoint presentation design. Apart from that, we also added small tips that make a presentation more impressive.

Powerpoint Presentation Preparing Processes

1. Open Microsoft PowerPoint.

2. If a page does not open automatically, go to "File" in the upper left corner of your screen and click "New Presentation".

3. To use a template, click on the "Design" tab or go back to "File" and click "New from Template".

4. Add a new slide by clicking the "New Slide" button. This is where you can be creative with the format, text, images, and animation of your presentation.

5. Make sure to specify the folder or destination you want your Powerpoint to save your presentation by clicking "File" and "Save".

6. To present your Powerpoint, go to the "Slideshow" tab and click "Play from Start".

What Should You Pay Attention To Making Better Powerpoint Presentations?

You should determine your own style on all pages and not disrupt integrity.

Set the font and size to be the same on each page.

Pay attention to the harmony of text and page colors, stay away from very distracting colors.

Pay attention to the harmony of images and contents.

Keep the amount of content as little as possible. Use more slogans and key phrases.

You should avoid presentation mistakes, which you should never do.

We have also prepared a more detailed presentation preparation guide for you. You can review this article.


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