Marketing Suggestions for B2B Companies: How to Make Digital Ads?

Most businesses consider they fail due to a lack of time, money or resources. The truth is they fail because they don't have customers, and their only strategy to get them is to sell through their acquaintances or spam people. However, developing companies do not chase, they pull.

Digital ads are also a profitable method when used correctly to attract customers.

In this article, we talked about how you can gain customers using digital ads.

1. Identify the Product or Service to be Sold!

While creating an ad is more about what you say to whom, it depends on the product you sell. The important thing is to choose the product that will be easy to gain sales.

For this, you should give score between one to five to the following 5 questions. The closer the total score is to 25, the easier it will be to sell the product.

Can you explain the product in one sentence and in a way that everyone can understand?

  • How desirable is your product?
  • How competitive is your industry?
  • How convenient or expensive is the product to buy according to the potential customer?
  • Do you have video and content to promote and show the product?

2. Determine How to Sell the Product!

When creating social media ads, we focus 90% of our effort on what we sell and to whom. But we spend very little time on how to sell it.

First, we have to remove the resistance. So prevent any kind of deterrent to the potential customer from taking action. People take action when emotion overcomes resistance. So, the more resistance there is, the harder it will be to sell your product or service. So don't want to force them in your ads.

Also, choose a skill that you see well as a methodology when preparing an advertisement. If you are good at making videos, concentrate more on this.

3.Determine who is most likely to buy

One of the biggest mistakes when advertising on social media is trying to sell to everyone at the same time.

How old are they? What are their gender? Where does she lives? What programs do they watch? What books do they read? Which celebrities do they follow? What events do they attend? Which groups or associations do they belong to? What special days are they celebrating or what emergencies are they currently dealing with?

4. Advertise with Less Cost!

The biggest reason most advertisers lose money is that social media ads cost more than the amount of money generated from them.

Consider two advertiser competitors; A and B. A advertiser's ad is shown to 100 people and 2 people click, Facebook will earn $ 2 from it. If 5 people click on the ad from B advertiser, Facebook will earn $ 5 from it. In this case, Facebook chooses to show the ad that earns more, also makes a discount to B.

So if you want cheap clicks, create clicked ads. The more relevant and fun the ad is, the more likely it is to click. The reason most people fail with social media ads is because people don't understand their relevance.

5. Stand Out From The Competitors!

With so many options out there, you need to stand out to get customers to buy from you. The more you are known, the more your credibility will be.

6. Communicate Effectively!

If no one has heard of your product or service, you will need to spend a significant amount of energy explaining who you are and what you do in your ad. Value is created after experience. So if no one has tried your product or service before, you can encourage your potential customers with a discount.

7. Engage Customers!

Nothing loses money faster than a boring advertisement. To save your ad from making it boring, first stop using foreign words specific to your industry. A confused mind never buys, so clarity is key. "A simple rule: If a fifth grader can't understand, don't say it." In addition, give guarantees about the advantages you will provide to your customers and address them directly.

You may have the world's best message and the best offer in the world, but if you make it difficult for people to get what you offer, you will lose sales.

A tip. Make sure you always remind them of the greatest benefit. Nobody buys soap. Thanks to germ-free hands, they are guaranteed not to get sick.


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