Pitch Deck Examples

We've listed the best pitch deck examples for those looking for inspiration to create pitch deck presentations. We explained the most important reasons why these presentation examples are better.

What is a Pitch Deck?

Pitch decks are brief presentations of 10-20 slides, usually designed to explain the company, business plans, or vision. When you arrange a meeting with an investor or present a project in front of the community during the fundraising, short briefs are necessary for evaluating all important points. The Pitch Deck is prepared using different structures, but the presentation is developed on the almost same draft.

It is more appropriate to use a visually intensive structure in pitch deck presentations to be made in front of the public. In this way, viewers can focus more easily and see fewer articles more easily. More details may be included in a presentation that you intend to send by mail. Since there will be no narration stage, this presentation should include all the important details, allowing your interlocutors to understand you.

Determining the purpose of decks makes the most important contribution to the correct creation of the building. After this stage, you can convince everyone by making the presentation with satisfying contents and the right plan. It is helpful to know the topics and their order in a pitch deck presentation to make the best plan.

Slides of Pitch

Almost every presentation producer creates different pitch deck versions according to the nature of the products. However, most of these presentations shape their structure using the pitch deck presentation sketch below.

By using the key slides that a pitch deck design must have below, you can prepare your presentation content and deepen your research according to these topics, so you can present the subject in a holistic way.

  1. Problem
  2. Solution
  3. Product
  4. Market Size
  5. Business Model
  6. Underlying Magic
  7. Competition
  8. Better/Different
  9. Marketing Plan
  10. Team Slide
  11. Traction / Milestones

How to Create a Pitch Deck?

Create a Story for the Emotional Bond.

Everyone loves stories. Give them a story they'll love to follow. Create an exciting narrative about whatever your topic is. The story activates the emotions and plays an important role in the adoption of what is being told.

One Slide One Idea!

In order to keep your target audience connected to the subject, it is necessary not to bother them. Not being distracted is through a focused expression.

First 3 Minutes for First Impressions!

Introductory speech and introductory presentations are important, the presentation of which is so important that it almost determines destiny. Say important things in the first 3 minutes and let them be engaging.

Get the Forces of the Human Bond.

Including team members in the presentation reinforces the belief in the reality of the work. Team members that do the presentation's idea are showed to the audience. Seeing team members' faces strengthens the bond. It also increases confidence.

Consistent In Itself!

Font, size, colors, titles should have the same layout on each slide. You should avoid monotonously designed content, but you should also keep the slide connected to each other.

Be Sure What You Want to Tell.

The Pitch Deck is not a straight introduction. It is a summary, it has a purpose, and it is the first step. Determine exactly what is idea you want to create in your target audience in the first stage of realizing your project. You can have them ask for detailed documentation, confirm the next meeting, call or follow you, and more.

Pitch Deck Examples Inspired by Real Life

If you are looking for inspiration to produce your own presentation, you should check out these previously validated pitch deck samples. You can take inspiration from these presentations and adapt them to your own strengths.

  • Airbnb Pitch Deck

The presentation of Airbnb, a company you all know, is one of the most sought-after reference presentations on the internet. This presentation focuses more on numbers and visuals, has no strain on the eyes design. But also interesting. The killer slide in this presentation is the business model slide that shows the revenue patterns in the simplest way possible.

  • Uber Pitch Deck

Uber has very big growth in a short time. This presentation makes the whole system easy to understand and proceeds product-oriented. It emphasizes the points such as how it works, processes, product features.

  • Zuora Sales Deck

The presentation of Zuora, which is defined as the best sales deck ever on many platforms, is free from unnecessary details and is really about the product. If you want to examine the presentation explaining the subject with a summary and effective sentences, click here.

  • WeWork Pitch Deck

Using visual charts to showcase its grand plans, the WeWork presentation enabled the company to gain a lot of funding and become one of the world's largest coworking providers. Click here if you want to view the presentation.

  • Netflix Pitch Deck

Netflix pitched deck presentation is prepared on Netflix's corporate values ​​with a modern and simple design. In the presentation, the company culture is carefully explained. This presentation is very inspiring with its consistent slide designs and way of explaining the subject. The combination provided with the transitions in between adds dynamism and effectiveness to the presentation.

  • Coca Cola Pitch Deck

The presentation designed for Coca-Cola includes an overview and product introduction timeline. Coca-Cola's products know and consume by everyone. This presentation design updated its presentation design and made it look more modern. Using its colors, the brand created a holistic design. The presentation can give you a different perspective on company promotion.

  • Facebook Pitch Deck

Facebook's pitch deck offering includes the company's value proposition, key measurements, and online marketing services. This initial presentation is prepared with predictions on numbers such as user engagement, customer base, and growth metrics. The company has become one of the largest companies in the world after this deck. Starting with an opening proposal instead of talking about the problem is the most important feature of the presentation that differs from the others. Also, issues such as market verification, user demographics, growth metrics, and user engagement were discussed.

  • Buffer Pitch Deck

Buffer is a social media planning platform used for those who want to schedule content on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Pinterest. The starter presentation, which helped him raise half a million dollars, is one of the first pitch decks released as an example. Focusing on numbers, the brand used the presentation with different criteria to convince its audience to invest. You can view the presentation here.

  • Linkedin Pitch Deck

Linkedin, the best business-oriented social media platform, has a presentation containing information about company values, the power of the network, and its difference from other social media networks. It offers a comprehensive analogy to show investors what LinkedIn is. This presentation may be one of the reasons why Linkedin is growing and being the most preferred social media platform as a business platform all over the world. With correct expression, it is inspiring for those who want their ideas to be adopted by more people.

  • Moz Pitch Deck

Offering a variety of services aimed at supporting marketers' marketing strategies, Moz has a pitch deck of over $ 18 million with its presentation. If you want to make your venture heard by a wider audience, these slides can give you a different perspective. This presentation included detailed information such as estimated income, income employment rate, average customer lifetime value, paid purchase cost.

  • Buzzfeed Pitch Deck

With revenue figures exceeding $ 240 million, Buzzfeed is one of the biggest social content platforms. At this stage, they aimed to spread to a wider audience with a pitch deck they produced. They increased their investment rates with figures such as the number of monthly users and backlink rates. Examining the contents that should be taken into consideration by those who will produce presentations especially on digital media provides a solid perspective.