Presentation Preparation Rules

All the rules for preparing a professional presentation are in this article!

Imagine that you are preparing a meeting with your potential customer. Or that you have set up an online meeting with an investor you think you can invest. Or that you are organizing a training.

You have overcome many difficulties and found people who are interested in your business and you are close to the last stage. You may have made a profitable sale soon, signed with an investor who can finance you for many years, or congratulated by many students.

However, to achieve this, you need to conduct face-to-face speech, which is the most important aspect of the business. What you need to attract the attention of the audience and give them valuable information is a perfectly prepared presentation in addition to your fluent narration.

So how to make a perfectly prepared presentation? What are techniques for preparing presentations?

We have listed the answers below:

Rules You Must Follow While Preparing a Presentation

1. In-depth Research

Although you know the subject well, it should be used to strengthen the presentation with statistics, news and examples that will appeal to the audience.

2. Accurate Content Planning and Summarizing

List the topics you are going to have a correct flow, and summarize the topic so as to reserve a slide for each topic. However, while doing this, do not fill the slide page with writing. It is much more correct to find the key phrase on the slide and complete it.

3. Storytelling

Telling the subject through a story makes your presentation tangible, as it makes your imagination work. Tell them what they will experience when they use the product through the story. Let them bond with the product.

4. Simple But Interesting Designs

Visual, presentation design content fonts should be in harmony. Visuals relevant to the subject and summarizing the subject will enable the audience to focus on you. Because at the same time, you focus on both hearing and vision.

In addition, font sizes should be arranged in the same way in every presentation. Italic typeface should be used very little. Because a complex article can cause distractions. When choosing a font, make sure that it is not complicated.

5. List and Icon Usage

Lists avoid distractions due to the fact that they summarize the subject and are short. Icons provide the same effect. however, if you fill each slide with lists and icons, the danger of distraction may come up again.

6. Short Presentation

Presentations longer than 20 minutes cause the listener to move away from the subject. So give key information on the subject. If they do not leave the presentation until the end, they will already ask you questions.

Professional presentation agencies pay attention to all these presentation preparation rules. You can write to us to learn what we can do for you and review our previous work on the references page.


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